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Sellah’s album is now out!


Yes! The first album of Sellah is out now! And guess what – I like it! The self-titled album is a must have album! GET IT NOW! In our second collection we introduced you to Sellah with a big interview. Read it here again and enjoy the first album!

Sellah is a duo of Michael (23), and Lewis (17), who form what they describe as simply two individuals fighting for the same cause. The group made an unexpected start just this year, after Lewis, who is signed to Red Models New York, met Mike at a photo shoot. The two, had exchanged their contact info at that shoot, and as a result of their growing passion for music, they formed Sellah. “We initially started making music together for the fun of it, but when I was in the process of editing Michael’s vocals, I always had so many ideas going through my head. We were both just really excited to make something truly great,”

KALTBLUT:  Hello Sellah and welcome to KALTBLUT! Congratulations for the brave to create a new music act! You guys know I am already a fan of your music. How did you met? And when did you came up with the idea to jump into the music world?

Sellah:  We both work heavily in fashion and entertainment industry and actually met at a photo shoot a few years back. We simply just kept in contact! We came up with this idea to create Sellah exactly, March 6th 2012. So we are still very new!!

KALTBLUT: You both are from the fashion circus. Doing pop music now. Is this a step you did cause you were bored of the fashion world? Or did you both always wanted to do music since your childhood? And modeling was just a step between?

Michael: Me personally, I just had a huge passion to entertain people! I was always the guy who made people laugh and feel good, so I embraced that!  I spent my life traveling and had the pleasure to experience playing professional basketball for my university at BYHU in Hawaii, but I always wanted more, I needed more! So I left university and decided to work in fashion and entertainment, where I could be free and express myself through my talents. I always loved music, but never was my focus until I met my business partner and now best friend Philip David. As our friendship grew, he made me realized music was something I was really passionate about. I owe him my life…

Lewis: I have definitely always put music ahead in my mind over fashion, but I think Sellah is a way for both of us to continue to grow in a fashionable way. Since we are taking a step into pop music, we can continue to “model” to build the high-fashion brand that is Sellah.

KALTBLUT:  How would you describe our own sound?  For me it is a big mix of pop dance 90s to the future sound. I can´t explain it! I just know the sound and beat makes me: I wanna dance. And the lyrics are going into my heart. 

Michael: What is really amazing, is that fact our music is what allows our understanding of each other to grow. How he produces and adds certain affects that really emphasizes the true emotion my mind is set out to bring as I write the lyrics to our songs. Our music may have a 90s pop feel, but we still push to keep everything timeless and not placed in one set genre. You see, I write my life. Everything in our songs are things I experienced, or feelings inside, that I know will happen. So for me, when I record them, Lewis pushes me to bring that true raw emotion out. We make music with our souls and mind. We want everyone to dance to our music. For music is the root of life…music last forever.

Lewis: Our music is kind of the quintessential modern pop music in my mind. It’s super catchy and has a really uplifting vibe. It’s got a lot of electro/house roots within the structuring of the songs, but definitely has a new feel to it. I think the reason our sound is so unique is because of my varied musical background and excitement for creating something new and something that I can call my own.

KALTBLUT:  What does the name “Sellah” means? And how did you came up with the name?

Sellah: The word of itself, which is originally spelt ‘Selah,’ basically means to be free’d from.“One night around 3AM, Michael woke up and although it was like a dream, he felt everything. “The word ‘Selah’ came to his head and right away he went to my Macbook and searched the meaning of Selah. We added the extra ‘L,’ in order  to make it our own and not religiously based for safe keeps. After agreeing on the name we decided what sound and message we wanted to bring.” The Movement basically means that they speak everything through their sound…

KALTBLUT:  I know how much work it is to create and start a new project. And that people like it. Why does the world needs “Sellah”?

Michael: For me and I am sure Lewis agrees too, but this is my life now. Everything I do now is through Sellah. When you think of “Sellah,” you do not just think of music. We are a brand within itself. One day, we will have our own clothing company, or something along those lines and much more! Sellah is not just about music. Our work and lifestyle will eventually create its own separate trend. The world needs “Sellah” because this industry needs something more real, more unique. Just something fresh and fun! When people hear or think of the word “Sellah,” they will know change is soon to come because that is what we are doing. We are proving nothing is impossible when you attach destiny to an untamed passion. In Sellah there is truth and healing…

Lewis: The world needs Sellah because we want them to need us. Once there is a mutual hunger within the artist/fan relationship, that’s when there is something really special happening. I think Sellah’s sound captures a lot of what is going on around us in our culture, which is one of the keys to creating universal “pop” music.

KALTBLUT:  I am 100 % the people will like your sound, specially here in Europe.  “Not Enough” is a super catchy song. I love the sound and the vocals. Michael you are the voice of Sellah and Lewis you are the producer. How does a production day looks like? Do you hang out for days or.. how does it works? Tell us.

Michael: We are both very excited because the past few months we both were in and out of NYC. Now in June we will both be in NYC full time. So this gives us room to create even more! I am very excited to be with Lewis more and it rocks to see our friendship and trust grow as our music does. I stand firmly in believing Sellah will be the answer to many people’s fears and doubts. That is if you really dissect the deeper meaning behind that statement.

Lewis: It’s definitely been a struggle to get finished products out there because of the distance, but we’ve just been fitting in sessions and mixdowns whenever possible. I’m definitely excited to be able to work with Michael one-on-one more in the coming months.

KALTBLUT:  You both have worked for the fashion world. Modeling, Michael is running a magazine , is photographer and Lewis also did modeling. What have you done before all that. Where and how did you grow up? 

Michael: My father is super smart! His job has allowed him to travel internationally since he was 18. Therefore, I was born into a traveling family. I was born in San Bernadino, California, but just spent a week in the hospital, being a new born and we moved to Korea, then Japan after, ha! The rest of my childhood was spent living in more than half of the 50 states. As a teenager, I spent High School in Germany and my senior year in Toronto, Canada. So in a way I feel “ homeless.” I do not feel like I am from anywhere. I am quite weird to be honest. I do not feel like I was born in this world. I played basketball for the most of my youth. For it kept me busy and allowed me to enter university at a “easier” level. As for photography, I noticed I was just very good at many things. That was the only reason why I did them. I ignore it now when people label me as doing too much because I know my work speaks loud and clear. We are much like you Marcel. I just have a huge passion for life and want to use up all my gifts and talents. Therefore, I do as much as I can, when I can! And I feel I am doing a pretty darn good job!

Lewis: Well, I’m only 17 and began modeling less then a year ago, so I am definitely new to the whole fashion world. I have been playing in bands and performing music since I was very little though. It’s been awesome to work with someone that allows me to mix making music with being in the fashion world.

KALTBLUT: I also like a lot how do you present yourself. Love the black and white theme in the video and the pictures. Your style reminds me a lot to the 80s-90s British pop bands like Pet Shop Boys.  Who are your Icons? Who is inspiring you? 

Michael: For me, I have no icons or idols. I feel at the end of the day we are all human so no one can ever be rightfully higher up then I and vice versa. I do have people I highly respect in this industry though! To be honest not many males, I have a few I love to listen to, like Childish Gambino,  Frank Ocean etc etc. I am really into the female artist Robyn! Her whole story is very inspiring, on top of she owns her own record label like we do with Sellah, just so she can create whatever the hell she wants and not be limited to what she does! She has created her own identity, which is what I am currently in progression with. Robyn, if you are reading this, I will meet you one day, ha! As for inspiration, it can never be limited to one thing for me. Life is filled with the most unique and beautiful treasures. I am inspired by life and this opportunity I been given to live it. Now I live with no limits. Meeting so many talented people while on this journey.

Lewis: I wouldn’t say that I have any icons either, but I am definitely inspired by everything around me. Some key musicians that inspire me are EDM artists like Skrillex, Gemini, and Porter Robinson. To me, getting inspired to make a track is mainly just visualizing how to capture a certain feeling or vibe and taking the steps to create that vibe. Most of all my family inspires me to do my best everyday and to use everything I can to my advantage. I am the youngest of 6 children and each one of my older siblings inspires me and mentors me to do the best I can.

KALTBLUT: You have just signed a contract with a label VMG( Vanity Music Group) . Congratulations.  How does it feels to have a label in your back now? And when will be the first music video out? I mean I even can´t wait for an album.

Michael: It feels amazing! As I said, Philip David is the boss and I am his Co partner. And our goal is to bring fashion into music. I cannot go too much into details, but just wait and watch. VMG will be the next big thing and we are working to have some type of video out this summer…we will see! Also big shout out to our newest confirmed members of VMG, Caleb aka L.K from Ireland and our second in house producer UGLY from France!

Lewis: It was super exciting to have all our work get some recognition by getting signed to this label. It’s great to have a label backing us, but I am mostly excited for all the great music that we are going to be able to make with their help!

KALTBLUT:  Did you ever went to Berlin? You already have some fans here. And a PR friend introduced Sellah to me. Any plans to come to Europe in 2012? 

Sellah: YES! We gathered a global PR team to help promote us in our beginning stages! We are creating universal music, so literally we can be played and seen worldwide . We cannot wait to travel in and out of the US for tours and especially Germany… you guys rock!!

KALTBLUT: With which artist would you like to collaborate and do a song together?

Michael: All I need is Lewis! Obiviously I am open to anybody that digs our sounds! I have too many artist I like and will be mad reading this interview looking back knowing I forgot to add a name! I cannot wait to do some tracks together with our VMG family member L.K! This guy is beyond… everyone is soon to see.

Lewis: I would really love to do some collaborations/remixes with any artist who wants to! A few dream artists I’d love to work with would be Skrillex(again) or Daft Punk(obviously)

KALTBLUT: As I said already I am sure your sound will go around the world. Where do you see Sellah in 5 years? 

Michael: I see us having our own TV show, maybe even channel! Doing music full time of course, living the perfect life that Lewis and I were born for and giving back to our parents, and siblings generously and freely.

Lewis: I see us continuing to create music together and growing as a brand. We definitely will be doing a lot of touring throughout the coming years and producing a whole lot more art!

KALTBLUT:  Thank you very much for your time. I wish Sellah all the success you want and deserve. Marcel

Get the album SELLAH here: www.cdbaby.com/cd/sellah





Photos by Tony Veloz www.tonyveloz.com and by Quincy Scott

The interview is part of Collection 2 www.kaltblut-magazine.com/collection-2


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